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Nutrition & Diet Counseling helps a person to develop a daily diet plan, customized to his/her physical body, medical conditions, and body mass index.  Hence if you are looking for weight loss, enhancement of your immune system, control diabetes, control hypertension, improve cardiovascular health, enhance your skin & hair,  control Polycystic ovary syndrome then diet and nutrition counseling is for you.

At Myfitness247, our dieticians and nutritionists help you to identify and intake the right diet. The kind of nutrition counseling offered at Myfitness247 leads working professionals, athletes or struggling individuals towards a healthier lifestyle. It is especially important for diabetics, heart patients and others suffering from lifestyle diseases so that they are able to manage their condition by eating good, nutritious food at the appropriate time which helps them lead a better life.

MyFitness247 should be chosen because here we offer customized solutions for everyone. Our experts first understand the current situation of the patients, then they look at the objectives they want to achieve. Based on that they recommend a customized plan that suits their unique lifestyle, culture, physical activity, coping pattern, food habits and preferences. All these and more are taken into consideration while planning your diet which makes it easier to follow.

Yes, Our expert Dieticians have trained experience in treating congenital metabolic disorders, Thyroid, Kidney disease, digestive problems such as constipation or fatty liver, PCOD/PCOS  along with cardiac & diabetic diets. Our care process involves assessment, nutrition diagnosis, intervention and monitoring of the treatment. Dieticians keep the patients informed about the nature of the disease, the impact of nutrition & its management.

Your diet, medical, family and lifestyle history is evaluated along with your body fat percentage, water volume etc. with the help of Body Composition Analysis during your first appointment with our experts at MyFitness247. Our experts will then develop a customized diet and nutrition plan for you while taking into account your daily professional and personal routine, your food preferences, the cooking habit at your home and more.

At Myfitness247, every person gets customized nutrition guidelines based on his/her anthropometrics, activity level, age, gender, and goals. The extensive information provided by you decided the nutrition advice given which is adjusted during the follow-up visits.

Yes, if you are staying outside Delhi or if you have a tight professional schedule you can have online diet and nutrition counseling with Nutritionist over the Skype or Google Duo.