Nurture your Mind, Body & Soulthru Nutrition!!

Achieve Need to get back in shape without hours of
training and crash Diet!!

"Become your best self"

Does this
sound like

You're in Luck! You're in Luck! You're in Luck!

You're in Luck!

We've Developed A Personal Health Team That You Can Take With You Anywhere.

Our team makesachieving health goalseffortless, master your health and life by help a bespoke transformation program just for you by top dietitians, coaches, and athletes... and keeping you on track with daily 1-on-1 online coaching and support. And we do it all from in the palm of your hand!

What Makes Our Fit247 Programs Unique?

We don't just focus on muscle or fat. Our approach blends the ancient wisdom of ayurvedic nutrition, exercises with modern science to create an all-inclusive health program tailored to your physical & mental needs… & delivered in focused private sessions with expert coaches and dietitians.

Ease your stiff body, lose weight, and boost flexibility with 1-on-1 sessions guided by an expert online certified trainer. And keep yourself challenged… whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced athlete.

Reduce stress and increase mental performance through transformative meditation and mindfulness sessions designed to help you overcome your challenges.

Nourish your body, We are what we eat, is so true!! enhance your energy and manage chronic illness with our personalized nutritional coaching and accountability programs inspired by ayurvedic medicine and modern health science.

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What Makes Our 360Flex Method Unique?

Your Path to Health& Happy life Starts Here

In current pandemic times has put back focus on true wealth “HEALTH” ,Health is everything in life. When your mind, body, and spirit are in good shape, you’re happier, more productive, disease free and more satisfied with life. By guidance with our team of wellness experts, you put your health first - and so do we.

1 Get Assessed

Meet with your dedicated diet coach for a FREE demo session where they'll assess your diet, health and fitness goals& explain how fit247 program can help you.

Get Assessed Get Assessed Get Assessed Get Assessed

2 Build Your Plan

Once we have your details, our team of multi-disciplinary wellness experts will design a tailored Fit247diet program to suit your situation & goals. Our programs are customized for weight loss, diabetes management, PCOS, Thyroid and Muscle Gain.

Build Your Plan Build Your Plan Build Your Plan Build Your Plan

3 Do The Work

Follow your simple program,mark your progress on app and stay on track with hands-on coaching and diet support just for you.

Do The Work Do The Work Do The Work Do The Work Do The Work

4 Change Your Life

Monitor your progress and achieve your health and wellness goals faster with detailed progress reports and 24/7 chat support on WhatsApp and accountability.

Change Your Life Change Your Life

Only The Best For Your Mind, Body & Soul

We're a specialist team passionate about adding healthy years to the lives of others. As a premium wellness service, we only select top trainers who we trust to provide you with an unbeatable experience & results.

Our Expert Trainer

What's It Cost To Change Your Life?

Transforming your mental, physical and spiritual health takes time which is why we only offer quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly options.

3 Months Basic Plan

₹300 per session (2 sessions a week) total 2400*3 =7200

  • Body weight training + Dietitian
  • Live one-on-one training sessions
  • Train anytime, anywhere
  • Weekly Diet Plan
  • Text/whatsapp instructor anytime
  • Dedicated customer success manager

3 months Holistic Plan

₹400 (2 sessions a week) total 3200*3 =9600


Everything from basic plan plus

  • Body weight training + Weight Training + Dietitian
  • Live one-on-one nutrition sessions
  • Get nutritionist sessions anytime, anywhere
  • Weekly Diet Plans
  • Text/WhatsApp Nutritionist anytime

Our Transformation Guarantee

We're in this to change lives, not just to collect subscriptions. If you don't feel our program is moving you closer to your physical, mental, and spiritual goals - we'll give your money back.

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