Detox Program

Your body produces toxins due to exposure to toxic chemicals in the environment such as Pollutants, synthetic chemicals, and dangerous compounds. Moreover, the toxins in the body also increase due to lack of sleep and stress of today’s lifestyle. And when these toxins are increased in the body it leads to various chronic diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes Type 2, etc.

Detoxification at regular intervals is needed to burden off these loads of toxins in the body and thus the development of chronic diseases.  The detox diet plan is a short term diet formulated to remove toxins from your body. It involves a diet of fruits, vegetables, fruit juices and water along with herbs and teas. The diet is beneficial because it claimed to improve blood circulation, helps in various health problems such as obesity, digestive issues, bloating and autoimmune diseases.

MyFitness247 is just the right place for you. We provide an online detox diet plan customized according to your lifestyle, office and home schedules, your eating habits, meal preferences, and timings. The diet plans are designed in a simple and effective manner by our expert Dieticians which helped thousands of people to live a happy and healthy life.

Whenever you need any diet consultation, we provide absolute support from our expert through Calls or Whatsapp etc. as per your needs.

How We Work:

Under our detox diet plans, we will begin with cleaning your blood and eliminating toxins from the body and reducing the load on the kidneys and liver.

Why Is It Best:

Our online diet consultation is extended across the globe with customized detox diet plans. Once you join us, you will be under the supervision of Best Dieticians and Nutritionists. Instead of crash diets and fancy diets, our nutritionists believes in optimum nutrition and a balanced diet through which you can lose your extra body fat and become a healthy version of yourself.

Personalized Diet & Nutrition Consultations:

A special detox diet plan will be formulated by our expert dieticians based on the assessment of the lifestyle of an individual and based on their requirements and help you focus on opportunities for gaining benefits from the MyFitness247 program.

So what are you waiting for? Test Your BMI for FREE and Choose a Right Plan For You today.