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Lost 15kgs in 4.5 months!

Tanu Sharma

I am a big foodie and I was teased that I live to ear. I gained a lot of weight in last 3-4 years, but kinda became comfortable in my own skin-which one should NEVER get! I joined dietician Vidhi Kohli after much speculation. Within 4.5 months, I was 15 kgs lighter! I had gastric issues from a long time, but I have never had to take 1 pill after I started dieting

The diets are really easy follow, just regular home made food, nothing fancy, nothing too difficult to prepare. The dietitian is friendly and gives you options when you really hate a certain food! I have seen many people following different sort of diet that ends up people craving for food all the time. It has been 6 months, I’ve not faced any such issue.

Would highly recommend her, if you want to achieve a fitter body.


Inspiring story of losing 9.8 kg in 9 weeks!

Sneha Pant

Ms.Sneha Pant inspires us to reach our weight loss goal. She had thyroid and PCOD. This New Year she decided to be healthy. With her determination and perseverance she lost 9.8kgs in just 9 weeks. Her PCOD was cured and thyroid was reversed.  Read her incredible weight loss story.

I work as a CA and my profession involves long sitting hours. I had no time for physical activity. As a result I gained weight.  I was concerned about my health because I had thyroid as well as PCOD. I shared my concern with one of my friend. She suggested that I should consult Dietitian Vidhi from Myfitness247.
I looked her up on the internet and read about the clinic. Several success stories of people gave me assurance that this was the right place where I can lose my weight. I got in touch with Myfitness247. My fatty livers were at extreme level.

My diet plan was made keeping in mind my thyroid, fatty liver and PCOD. I followed my diet plan religiously for seven weeks and was very happy to see positive results.

Now I have lost 9.8kgs and reduced 18 inches. My PCOD has been cured and there was reversal of thyroid. I will stick to this healthy lifestyle.


102 kilos to 60 kilos in 8 months

Dr. Anita

Being a doctor I know how important it is to maintain a healthy body. I had put on weight while I was studying. After that I wanted to lose weight but had no time because of my busy schedule.

Last year I decided to do something about my health. As a doctor you don’t trust Google with your health. When it comes to health, I trust only the experts. I was looking for expert dietitian who could help me in my weight loss journey. While I was surfing the internet I came across Myfitness247. I saw other success stories of people who lost weight within few months. They looked happy and satisfied.  That was the time when I was convinced to start my weight loss journey with Myfitness247.

I talked to the dietician and she listened to all my health concerns. She made me so comfortable that I was able to share all my worries with her. My personal diet plan was prepared keeping in mind my likes and dislikes.
The diets which were suggested to me were very easy to make. They were prepared in such a way that all the ingredients required were readily available in our local market. Seasonal fruits and vegetables were also made part of my diet.

I was patient throughout my weight loss journey. I already knew that I may not lose weight during the early stages of my dieting so I should be consistent. But in my case, I was able to see results after one month.
I knew that I had lost a great amount of weight but I never imagined that I would lose 42 kgs. Everyone was very happy for me. Now I have become more confident and much healthier.

This amazing journey could not have been possible without the constant support and motivation of team Myfitness247. Everyone at the clinic was very cooperative. I could ring up the clinic whenever I had any doubt regarding the diet.

For me this experience was not just about losing weight. I wanted to embrace healthy lifestyle not for a limited period of time but for my whole life. I have understood my body and its requirements. Now I can’t even think of going back to my early eating habits.


Lost 30kgs in 6 months!

Ankita Dhar

I had joined Myfitness247 last year in December at a time when I was most distressed due to several health issues like thyroid, asthma and PCOD all reflecting in excessive weight gain.

Prior to joining this clinic I was unable to reduce weight despite doing heavy exercise and taking all the other so called weight loss treatments and shakes available in the market. Moreover these so called treatments only made me more upset and left me starved.

However ever since I have joined them, I have seen a vast difference in my health and my weight has dropped drastically by 30kgs after taking her diet program. The best part about dietitian Vidhi is that she is highly supportive, friendly and very patient with every client of hers. She gives every client of hers a good hearing and helps overcome a host of other issues along with achieving the targeted weight loss. I have recommended her to several people and each one has only resonated a very positive feedback.

I would firmly recommend Myfitness247 to anyone who is looking for a steady weight loss and cannot devote too much time for exercise. Also the diet chart is so flexible that everyone can follow it for the rest of their lives. The dietitian can also be contacted frequently to modify the diet chart in case of any exigencies.

Its almost unbelievable how you can hog on your favorite snacks and still manage to lose weight like a boss! I am extremely overwhelmed to share my experience and would be only happy if more people would benefit from the same.